QUATTRO is 100% Natural

QUATTRO is 100% Natural

Our philosophy is based on BIO-GREEN. Kigarden is innovating the actual indoor gardening market also developing a product 100% BIO, with the application of natural materials.


Fill up on vitamins C, carotenoids, polyphenols, sulforaphane, selenium, copper, zinc, manganese with our selection of unique plants.


The product is composed by: a ceramic container of water, four clay pots, two lamp supports, grow LEDs lamp, bio soil with nutrients, plant seeds a deplian and instructions.

For the watering system of the smart pot we adopt an ancient technology, the Olla, widely used by the Romans. The microporous material of the pots guides the liquid from the external reservoir toward the soil and plants’ roots. This means: perfect humidity for the soil, a reduction of water consumption and an automated system.

Our lamps include the best LED growlights for indoor gardening, providing the ideal light nutrition necessary to the plant to grow and flowering, with a pleasant illumination for any indoor space.

Our soil is 100% PESTICIDES FREE and BIO. The plants have the right combination of water, oxigen and nutrients.

All kits contain organic and non-GMO seeds of plants coming from different curative cultures, from the ancient european tradition, the indian ayurveda, the traditional chinese medicine and native north american herbalism.


A quick glance on our condition-specific kits:

Plant adaptogens for vitality, resilience and immune enhancement,

The best herbs for a perfect body all year round,

The herbal support to the antioxidant needs of the body



Quattro comes with many colors