Unlock the curative power of plant kingdom!

Kigarden re-establishes the link between urban people and nature. We guides you in discovering all the benefits and different uses you can have with our unusual and fresh healing herbs. 



Did you know that houseplants can improve health and mood?

“Interaction with houseplants can reduce psychological and physiological stress by suppressing the activity of the autonomic nervous system in young adults: a randomized crossover study “

Journal of Physiological Anthropology 34, 21 (2015)


How can you use your plants?

  • Well-being herbal tea
    Collect 3-5 fresh leaves and put them in a cup with hot water (About 90°). Wait 5 minutes. Close your eyes, taste and breathe all the healthy essence released by plants.
  • Salads
    Add to your salads 3-5 leaves of the best curative plants. You will enrich them with a touch of natural healthy taste.
  • Special dishes
    Enrich your dishes and enjoy exploring new flavors with Kigarden plants or discover the authentic taste of each fresh herb by eating it alone.


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