Do you have a guarantee? 1 year warranty on parts.

How can I clean and maintain kigarden products? KIgarden products are designed for easy maintenance. The ceramic basin and the pots can be washed by hands with soap and water and the metal frame with a dry cloth.

What certifications do you have? Planned certifications: CE

If I have other questions, who should I contact? For any question, inquiries, suggestions, recipes, or congratulations please contact: hello@kigarden.com.

Can I use my own seeds? For the smart garden we have chosen some plants that are very easy to grow indoor, however, you are quite free to try other vegetables, or herbs or edible flowers too! 

Which kind of plant do you offer in the kits? In our kits we include only seeds of safe plants that can be found in EU food supplements (according to BELFRIT list).

I have a pet in my apartment. Are the plants safe for him? All the plants you can grow from the seeds of our kits  are not hazardous to domestic animals as you can check on US ASPCA ( https://www.aspca.org/pet-care/animal-poison-control/toxic-and-non-toxic-plants )

How long does it take for each plant to fully grow? Different plants have different life cycles. Aromatic herbs and leafy greens will start yielding four-six weeks after you plant them. Keep in mind that you cannot go faster than Nature! 

What is Quattro? Quattro is a smart microgarden for indoor growing of unusual plants (or whatever you want to grow), all year round. Quattro comes with an elegant metal frame with magnetic growing lamps, 1 big ceramic basin, 4 terracotta pots, 4 organic seed bags, 4 ki-soils (a paper bag with the growing medium), the origami kit (an original user guide) and the lunar calendar.

What are the dimensions and weight of Quattro?  The smart garden measures 28 x 28 x 36,8 cm (11" x 11"x 14,49") and weighs 4,2 kg (13 lbs).  

What is Uno? Uno is the smaller brother of Quattro, the perfect smart pot to decorate your home.

Uno comes with 1 ceramic basin, 1 terracotta pot, 1 organic seed bag, the ki-soil (a paper bag with the growing medium), the user guide and the lunar calendar.

Where do we ship? While our international rollout is in progress, kigarden's products are currently available in the EU countries only.

Does the LED growlight come with a timer or do I have to turn it off manually each night?

The smart garden comes with a 12 hours timer.

Where can I use kigarden products? Quattro is designed for indoor use 

How often do you need to fill the water reservoir? You'd need to fill the water tank once every 2-4 weeks 

Is the tap water OK for growing with quattro?

Sure, the tap water is perfect for our system, since the ki-soil already contains all the microelements for herbs growing.

Are kigarden seed organic and Non-GMO?

Yes, we only use organically grown and non-GMO seeds.