NoStress tisans recepies

  • Good sleep: 3 leaves of Motherwort (anxiolytic) + 2 leaves of Scullcap (sedative)
Tension is a normal response to a stressed life and normally it should settle when the problems are resolved. It can become chronic after a long-term stress, nutritional deficiencies, lack of sleep.

When you feel run-down take a hot infusion every 6 hours.
That infusion will support you every time you need to hit the pause button and take a deep breath.
Natural supplements of adaptogens like bacopa, holy basil, ashwagandha will help you to strengthen the nerves.
Move yourself! Regular aerobic exercise has been shown to stimulate endorphins and increase resilience to stress.
Hot herbal baths and aromatic massage with essential oils of holy basil, lavander and rose will ease muscle tension and soothe anxiety.
  • Stress at work: 3 leaves of Goat's Rue + 4 leaves of Scullcap
  • Immune function booster: 4 leaves of Echinacea + 3 leaves of Scullcap
  • Colds and flu: 2 leaves of Echinacea + 2 leaves of Goat's Rue
The common cold virus can thrive only when our body is stressed, run-down, with a poor diet and when we are overloaded with toxins.

At the first signs of infection take a hot infusion every 3 hours.
Add Ginger and a spoon of Lemon (natural source of vitamin C) to your tisan.
Supplement of zinc will help you to decrease the duration of cold. Aromatic inhalation or hot bath of tyme, rosemery and lavander will reduce the swelling of mucous membrane and clear catarrh.

This natural treatments will help you to relieve pain, aches and reduce fever.