Giuseppe Marson: our CEO and Herbal Innovator
Hi Herb Lovers!
I am Giuseppe, the pharmacist and herbal innovator of Kigarden.
During my long periods abroad, working between London, Paris, New York and Berlin, I had a lot of inspirations about new trends in urban green.
Last but not least I'm a proud father of two wonderful daughters and a beekeeper.
Marco Coletti: our Designer and Artistic Director
Hello dears,
my mission is to grow beauty in Kigarden project and I hope in your home as well. I am working as an architect in Paris, thus I know really much how is important to live in places well organised with a good apport of natural light. I believe in ecology and I am interested in the sperimentation starting from the past to design our future.
Simone Barbon: our Marketing and Sales Strategist

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