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Mouse-ear Hawkweed

Hieracium Pilosella


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The hawkweed is a herbaceous plant originating in the temperate regions of Asia pretty rosette flowers with a yellow head and long leaves covered in white hairs, hence the reference to mouse ears. Hawkweed has long been known for its diuretic properties. It is advised for problems of water retention, edema of the lower limbs and to fight the skin imperfections of cellulites. Thanks to its dechlorinating action it can re-balances the blood pressure due to an overly salty diet.

Parts used: whole herb

Primary activities: antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, diuretic, astringent, aperitive

Caution: Pregnant and nursing women, people suffering from kidney stones.

What's inside

We use only untreated and non-GMO seeds of plants coming from different curative cultures.

From 1 to 3 plants:

  • Organic seeds
  • Lunar calendar

More then 3 plants:

  • Ki-soil
  • Organic seeds
  • Lunar calendar
  • Origami Guide Book


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