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Mini OLLA pot

Microporous terracotta

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This vase is perfect for starting to grow your plants by seeds.

Applications: UNO, DUE, TRE and QUATTRO eco smart gardens.

Please note: We advise to transfer the plant in a bigger pot after 3 months.

Weight: 0,25 kg 
8 x 8 h. 9,4 cm
8,7 x 8,7 h. 11 cm

Terracotta properties

The best italian hand-made ceramics


Italy has a long tradition of handcrafting, especially in the ceramic field. We have worked years to find the right combination of terracotta with the best ratio of microporousity.

  • 100% natural materials
  • Natural self-watering system (OLLA)
  • Italian artisanal excellence


Our ki-watering system advantages:

  • perfect humidity for the soil
  • reduction of water consumption
  • automated system
  • no toxic materials
  • no water shock for plants

Terracotta is an alive material because it is breathing, leaving oxigen and water pass through itself. Time is a consequence of Nature and with our pots we can observe the evolution of this process. In fact, you will note on terracotta surfaces natural deposits of minerals, such as calcium, potassium, sulphur, etc. Don't worry about that, this is what happen in a natural environnement!


Due to customs regulations for plants and seeds we can't ship them outside European countries (Swiss, United Kingdom. Andorra, San Marino included).

For orders shipping to Non-EU countries additional taxes and fees may apply in accordance with local customs regulations. 

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A present-past

Our design is inspired by the hortus conclusus, a feature from medieval cloisters.

With KIGARDEN you will re-discover ancient traditions.

Natural self-watering system

Mini OLLA pot adopts an ancient technology, the Olla, widely used by the Romans. The microporous material of the unglazed pots guides the liquid from the glazed base below them toward the soil and plants’ roots.

You will have the perfect humidity for the soil with and a water autonomy for starting your holidays with no worries.

UNO pot

How does it work?

1. Ki-Soil 2. Pot 3. Water 4. Seeds