About Us


Kigarden redefines the interaction between the human being and the restorative power of plants, with 100% natural smart gardens that integrate contemporary design, green technology and botanical innovation.

We provide the technology, the material and the support to create a physical garden for the home-production of unusual herbs that will be innovative and natural furnishing elements.  

Everything is ready to go: just plug our smart garden in, plant the seeds and add water every few days.


This is not the intro of a Woody Allen’s comedy... it’s the birthplace of Kigarden, the garden of well-being for re-establishing the japanes "Ki", the energy of life in a natural way.

During a spring night in Paris, three italians started to talk about the future of green cities and of the incoming demands of wellness, such as personal engagement and the role of natural remedies to restore a broken harmony. Thanks to the professional backgrounds of each one, a pharmacist, an architect and a marketing expert, the idea of a product aimed to trigger the self-herbalist revolution started to grow.

That was just the first step of a long journey, a long road which aim at making everyone aware of the healing power of plants.


From left to right: Marco, Giuseppe and Simone

Our road-trip

  • 2018: Kigarden is one of the best italian startups with the Marzotto prize
  • 2019: QUATTRO prototype is the best product of MyPlants&Garden in Milan expo
  • 2020: Crowdfunding campaign at Kisskissbankbank was a success!
  • 2021:
    • First distribution for UNO smart pot
    • First TV LIVE SHOW in QVC Italy (canal 32 in Italy)
    • 1000vases exposition at fuori salone Milan Design Week 2021 in Superstudio space
    • Publication in the 1000vases book, skira edition
    • Exposition at Macfrut 2021, Rimini, Italy in Ambralight stand
    • Production of DUE, TRE, QUATTRO 2.0, ZERO and MENO
  • 2022:
    • Green revolution! 
    • Research of investements to lanch the big production


Giuseppe Marson: our CEO and Herbal Innovator
Hi Herb Lovers!
I am Giuseppe, the pharmacist and herbal innovator of Kigarden.
During my long periods abroad, working between London, Paris, New York and Berlin, I had a lot of inspirations about new trends in urban green.
Last but not least I'm a proud father of two wonderful daughters and a beekeeper.
Marco Coletti: our Designer and Artistic Director
Hello dears,
my mission is to grow beauty in Kigarden project and I hope in your home as well. I am working as an architect in Paris, thus I know really much how is important to live in places well organised with a good apport of natural light. I believe in ecology and I am interested in the sperimentation starting from the past to design our future.
Simone Barbon: our Marketing and Sales Strategist

    Our partners: AmbralightOsram, Qvc Italy