Nature at home

Kigarden combines contemporary Italian Eco-Design with ancient Herbal Traditions.

Natural self-watering system

OLLA is an ancient technology widely used by the Romans. The microporous material of the pots guides the water from the external reservoir toward the soil and the plants’ roots. You will have the perfect humidity for the soil with and a water autonomy for starting your holidays with no worries.

Italian design kigarden

Italian eco-design

Minimal and unic design pieces MADE IN ITALY with the best quality for you.

We use only eco materials for your well-being.

Hand-crafted ceramics

Italy has a long tradition of handcrafting, especially in the ceramic field. Our production is made in Bassano del Grappa, a city closed to Venice, widely known for the skilful artists in ceramics. A territory where we can feel the Palladio influence nowadays.


Winner of 2018 Corporate Fast Track Innovation Marzotto (Italy). Partnership with QVC Italy.

Winner of 2019 My Plant Milan (Italy).

Winner of 2023 A'Design Award

  • 100% ORGANIC

    Kigarden is ECO-FRIENDLY!
    Our Ki-Soil is 100% PESTICIDES FREE and ORGANIC. Plants have the right combination of water, oxigen and nutrients.
    We use only untreated and non-GMO seeds of plants coming from different curative cultures.


    Discover in an innovative and engaging way the best plants coming from different curative cultures, from the ancient european tradition, the indian ayurveda, the traditional chinese medicine and native north american herbalism.

  • enjoy tisans. KI, our vital energy.


    Everyone will have the opportunity to adopt a healthy and holistic lifestyle by means of the home-production of natural remedies.
    We conducted our tests in our plant partnering in Italy. After these tests, we selected the four most incredibles plants for each kit.  The synergistic effects of these chosen plants increase significantly the beneficial effects on the body.

1. Grow the best healing plants at home

Your herbs will be always fresh, without chemicals and specific for a wide range of conditions.

2. Enjoy all the bioactive compounds

Fresh herbs are the most rich sources of natural bioactive compounds,
such as carotenoids, phenolic acids, flavonoids, coumarins, alkaloids, polyacetylenes, saponins and terpenoids, among others.

3. Discover your natural wellness

Herbs activity is effective and safe. Them restore the lost harmony of your body