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Uno Terracotta Pot

Uno Terracotta Pot

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UNO is the smart pot made of 100% natural ceramic. It is perfect for growing your plant proving the perfect humidity to the soil. 

For the watering system of the smart pot we adopt an ancient technology, the Olla, widely used by the Romans. The microporous material of the unglazed pots guides the liquid from  from the glazed base below them toward the soil and plants’ roots. This means: perfect humidity for the soil, a reduction of water consumption and an automated system. 

UNO POT includes:

- 💧1 small ceramic basin
- 🏺 1 terracotta pot (with a choice of colour: white, red, grey )
- 🌿 1 Organic seeds plant (you can choose your plant)
- Ki-soil (Growing medium)
- 📓 User guide